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About Us

St. Louis native Loosh Thuder is the CEO of LooshJuice. The idea for LooshJuice started in the latter part of April 2020 due to the pandemic. Being unable to perform his primary job as a barber he resorted to his two favorite things; cooking and being creative. By May 2020, Loosh had begun a small operation that has since become very popular. Though LooshJuice is still in it’s early stages the demand for his products has grown greatly in just a few months.

Looshjuice products include a delicious and refreshing infused lemonade and succulent hand-crafted medicated cookies Gallatas para Loosh. The juice packs a delightful tang to your taste buds, and a relaxing vibe after a long day; or it can be enjoyed kicking back with friends. Satisfy your sweet tooth with his delectable homemade cookies. Looshjuice provides two amazing products like no other; satisfaction guaranteed.

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